Friday, September 16, 2011

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


In Spite of the Gods

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Wiley India-Cloud Computing for Dummies, Professio...

Viva-The Next Big Thing and more

OUP-India in the Shadows of Empire

Wiley India-Event Marketing, Financial Services

Wiley India-Cloud Computing and more

Harper-Pirate Latitudes, My Story, Trekking Guide ...

Wiley India-Windows 7 for Dummies

Vision-Smooth Ride to Venture Capital

Hachette-The Many Conditions of Love

Wiley-May Lee Live and in Person

Corporate Performance Improvement

PQP-Isn't It Obvious, Energy Efficiency Optimizati...

Writers Workshop-Seahorse in the Sky

Magna-How to be a Good Parent

Wiley-Globalization and Islamic Finance

ICSI-Recommendations to Strengthen Corporate Gover...

Hachette-Inspector Singh Investigates-A Bali Consp...

CLI-Tamil Nadu Hindu Religious and Charitable Endo...

Bloomsbury-QFinance The Ultimate Resource

TMH-Bank Valuation and Value-Based Management, Fut...

TMH-Toyota Kata and more

Hachette-Taranauts-The Quest for the Shyn Emeralds...

Macmillan-Daydreams at Work

Wiley India-Winning Strategies

Hachette-Come, Before Evening Falls

OUP-Hotel Front Office

OUP-Agricultural Growth in India

Books translated by VaVuSi

Macmillan-At the Helm

Viva-A Week at the Airport and more

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Hachette-The Paris Vendetta