Tuesday, January 1, 2008

China into the Future

"When they assumed office, Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao were expected to strive for two, somewhat conflicting goals. One goal was to continue and even accelerate growth, by opening up the economy and toughening the commercial environment, moves well-aligned with the WTO compliance process."

"The second was to redirect growth, driving resources away from the coastal cities and toward the relatively impoverished interior."

"Internal publications and external analysts are now saying that the regional disparity is proving almost intractable, and in the face of rising discontent with the stubborn maldistribution of resources, the message is being promulgated that such gaps and dislocations are a natural part of fast economic development that must be endured."

"The focus remains very much on driving economic development, and the most powerful generator of wealth to the direct benefit of the Party and state is not the tax system, but the network of top SOEs."

'China into the Future: Making sense of the world's most dynamic economy' edited by W. John Hoffmann and Michael J. Enright (www.wiley.com)

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