Sunday, September 28, 2008

TT-Looking Beyond

Looking Beyond-p 196

TT-The Happiness Trap

The Happiness Trap-p 162

Is Your Boss Mad

Small and Medium Enterprises in India

Business @ the Speed of Thought

How to Read People Like a Book and more

1) How to Read People Like a Book
2) How to Easily Handle Difficult People Handbook

Corporate Disclosures

A Twist of Lime

Income-tax handbook

Enslaved & Looking Beyond

1) Enslaved
2) Looking Beyond

Groovy Old Men

Sams Teach Yourself TCP IP

Handbook of Auditing Pronouncements and more

1) Handbook of Auditing Pronouncements – Vols I & II
2) How to face an Interview Board
3) Disciplinary Cases – Vol IX – Part 1
4) A Study on Basel II and Risk-based Supervision
5) Introduction to WTO and Opportunities for CAs in International Trade Laws and WTO

Intellectual Property

The Age of Aging

Branded Male and more

1) Branded Male
2) Psychometrics in Coaching
3) How to Market Books
4) Overselling the Web
5) Essential Management Accounting
6) The Legal Protection of Databases
7) Branding Your Business

Moving Out of the Box and more

1) Moving Out of the Box
2) Direct Marketing in Action


Habits of Highly Effective Countries

Nada Manjari

India Express

Stock Market Book

Tamil Nadu Civil and Criminal Court Manual

A Sense of Urgency and more

1) A Sense of Urgency
2) The Execution Premium


Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

TT-Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hot, Flat and Crowded

Pharma Summit 2008

A Girl Like Me

Supreme Court Revenue Cases and The Chartered Accountant

Mind Maps and more

1) Mind Maps
2) The Power of Creative Intelligence
3) How to Mind Map
4) The Power of Social Intelligence
5) The Power of Verbal Intelligence
6) Age-Proof Your Brain

One Afternoon

Savage Humans and Stray Dogs

Dalai Lama

In the Country of Deceit

At a Glance September 2008

The Mystic Eye and more

1) The Mystic Eye
2) Essential Wisdom from a Spiritual Master

The Black Silk Road

The Great Einstein Sky-Ride

Banking Principles and Operations

White Man Falling

Cubicle Warfare

A Splendid Exchange

Your MBA Game Plan

The Either Or Investor

Born Digital

The Volatility Edge in Options Trading

Dealing with Darwin

How the Wise Decide